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Bo Bo Nomad VS Indigolab - A Golden Light Then The Storm
Collaboration by invite with Indigolab

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It has been said that something as small as the flutter of a butterfly’s wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world - Chaos Theory

The soon to be released new album from Michael E ‘The Butterfly Effect’ will undoubtedly cause quite a storm of a very beautiful musical kind across the world and leave a much needed peace and calm in its wake.

Every new release from this master craftsman brings a very unique sense of anticipation to listen to every second of his carefully crafted, passion filled melodies.  This new release is different somehow though.

Listening to The Butterfly Effect taster has left me mesmerised, speechless even which is by no means an easy feat. Each gentle beat of this stunning album seems to deliver a new sound or instrument at every turn, meandering gracefully into tracks which are meticulously thought out, arranged beautifully and simply sound superb.

If there was one thing that I recommend you do today as you read this, it it is to listen to this album preview.  We all have the power to make a difference in the world, there is something about this album that will inspire you and assure you that you can.

Keep an eye out on iTunes for the album and you can also find Michael’s other work too:

About Michael E

As a child, Sheffield, UK native, Michael E found that the classical music he was taught to play on the piano simply did not resonate with him. It was only in the early 70’s with the Motown era that music began to speak to him in a more profound way. He joined various cover bands and toured the Euro/American Navy and Air force bases in Germany, Italy, Spain playing keyboards and percussion.  A short stint with U.S. vocal group Johnny Johnson and the Bandwagon (Breaking Down the Walls of Heartache) however killed the fun of touring.

As a means to support his family and continue his love of music he continued as a solo pianist at home in Sheffield.  He also started composing his own music however as the age of digital recording had not arrived his compositions went unheard.

In the early 90’s, the Café Del Mar series introduced Michael E to a new dynamic of music as instrumental music began to make inroads into the world’s musical consciousness, where music did not have to be a ‘song’ but could stand alone an instrumental piece. The difference being that it was music not wholly played on traditional instruments but introduced electronica into the mix and of course a way to digitally record those sounds.

He realised he could complete a full arrangement, playing all the parts enabling him to conjure up wonderful sounds, haunting melodies and explore so many musical landscapes. Michael was well and truly hooked and it was almost like a new beginning for him.

In 2006, Michael E was finally in a position to dedicate his life to the pursuit of his musical dream. When the chance came along he grasped it wholeheartedly and has never looked back.


His first release in the chilled/lounge genre was in 2006 and ever since has simply made up for lost time.

Michael E has now released 23 albums and appeared on over 300 compilations from the Café Del Mar, Vargo and many more.

Michael’s 21st album ‘Morning Sun was released in February 2014.  His new album ‘The Butterfly Effect’ will be released mid September 2014.

Other features:
Michael E’s music can be heard on local, international radio stations in Monaco, France, Belgium, Australia and the US as well as numerous online stations broadcasting from Germany, the Netherlands and Italy.

He also presents his own two hour radio show on every Saturday evening from 8pm GMT.

Album reviews

Links to Michael E

Facebook fan page:





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